Confused about Docker?

Stop wondering, start understanding.

Docker is the leading and fastest-growing containerization technology. It provides virtual-machine like process separation while being so lightweight that its overhead is negligible in most cases. With Discovering Docker, you will learn exactly what Docker is, how it works, and how it can help you in your every day life.

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This book contains everything you need to get productive with Docker. Highly recommended.

Grégoire Gilbert Nerdy Makers
Discovering Docker
Discovering Docker

Everything you need to know to get productive with Docker.

What's in the book

From running containers to building your very own images, using Docker's builting networking and service discovery abilities, and much more!

Some of the awesome things you're going to learn:

  1. Manage your containers. A thorough overview of the tools at your disposal to manage your containers during all their lifecycle: starting, pausing, stopping, restarting, it's all here.
  2. Create your own images. The Dockerfile is Docker's way of configuring a repeatable and deterministic build. Learn how to write them like a pro.
  3. Manage your data with volumes. Volumes are all about managing your persistent data and sharing it between containers. Learn how to leverage Docker's ingenious volumes system.
  4. Application logs. An often overlooked problematic when switching to Docker. The book will explain you the possibilites and how to set them up.
  5. Multi-containers architectures. Pet containers are all nice and good to get started, but you won't go anywhere without mastering multi-containers architectures.
  6. The Remote API. One of Docker's killer-feature is its open Remote API. Use the power of Docker from within any application!

Sample Pages

  • Chapter 1 What is Docker and how does it work
  • Chapter 2 First steps
  • Chapter 3 Managing containers
  • Chapter 4 Automating builds with the Dockerfile
  • Chapter 5 Volumes
  • Chapter 6 Managing application logs

Explanations, schemas and drawings, examples, cookbooks, real-world use cases, free regular updates. This book is the definite way to stay up-to-date with Docker.

They read it, they loved it

There are plenty of docs available for Docker online, and Discovering Docker helped me skip the waste of time crawling them all to find the best ones to learn. This book contains everything you need to get productive with Docker. Highly recommended.

Grégoire Gilbert Nerdy Makers

I used to ask Geoffrey a lot of questions about Docker, until I realized they were already all answered in this book. It's like he wrote it for people wanting to learn how to use Docker. Oh wait.

Ludovic Fleury Tech Manager

It's a great book. Just helped me a lot and much more than anything else on the net.

Fabian Becker Node.js Developer

About The Author

Geoffrey Bachelet
Published Author

I have been an early adopter of Docker and started playing with the technology as soon as 2012.

I built my knowledge of Docker by building numerous tools around it, including Stage1, an automated staging platform. Since then I never stopped using and advocating Docker. I give talks, organize user groups meetups, and offer consulting and training around Docker.

Discover Docker now for $9